Stop settling and become the couple you’re supposed to be. With The 5 Keys To Transforming Your Marriage, you’ll discover how to have the extraordinary marriage you’ve always wanted and become exponentially more powerful together. Here’s what you’ll get:

 The 5 Keys To Power Couple Love: the groundbreaking Emotional Science methodology to the connected, empowered, unshakeable marriage you want.

 Videos from Dr. T about each of the 5 Keys and how to put them into practice to dramatically transform your marriage (and life!).

 PLUS, 5 bonus worsheets to guide you through the EXACT steps in this just-released marriage transformation so you know how to reset, reconnect & revolutionize your relationhip.

 AND the 30-Days of Rekindling to reignite the passionate spark in your marriage!

 ALL from Licensed Psychologist, Marriage Transformation Specialist the world’s first Emotional Scientist, Dr. T who’s sought-after by celebrities, CEOS, pro-athletes, and high-profile leaders to operate at their highest potential. 

AND they’re enjoying the exciting, fulfilling, empowering marriages that Power Couples have...using the EXACT same method.


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What To Expect From Dr. T, Emotional Science And The Method©:

“I bring my best to my marriage, my family, and the incredible responsibilities involved in leading a 500-million dollar global company.”
“Instead of hating myself for being sensitive, I love who I am today. Instead of spending my life overwhelmed, I’m contributing to a healthier society. Instead of a life of doctors and medications, I’m free to live the life I want to be living. Instead of frustrations with the limitations I felt every day, I’m becoming the person I was always meant to be. Having struggled with emotional sensitivity since I was a child, now the rest of my life belongs to me.”

Amy - Healthfood Executive
“ This is why she’s on the planet.”
“I always get a feeling when someone is living in their area of giftedness. And my interactions with Dr.T from the beginning was, ‘Wow, this woman is living in the channel of her full purpose. This is why she’s on the planet'."

 Dr. Kellie
“I feel calmer, happier, and closer to my whole family!”
“Thinking my marriage was over was one of the hardest experiences of my life. I knew I was facing losing my whole family, with no idea how to change things.  
Because of Dr. T’s influence and leadership my marriage is stronger than I had ever hoped it could be. We communicate effectively, are more intentional and less reactive, we’re no longer avoiding one another, and we enjoy our connection easily! I feel calmer, happier, and closer to my whole family!”
Von Ray - Business Owner/Entrepreneur
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