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Dr. Tracy,
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Being Emotionally Sensitive Is A Gift…
Do you feel emotions more intensely than other people? Do your feelings get the best of you? Are you often worried, anxious or tense?

If you feel everything deeply and struggle to cope with your intense emotions, you might be an Emotionally Sensitive Person.

Emotional Sensitivity can be difficult to live with. Life often feels overwhelming, overstimulating and uncontrollable.

However, Emotional Sensitivity isn’t a flaw or defect. It’s actually an asset-- one that elevates intuition, creativity and intelligence. And when it’s directed with purpose, it transforms people into powerful creators who bring their greatest visions to life.

To do that, it starts with discovering your Emotional Sensitivity Status with this free online test designed by the world’s first Emotional Scientist, Dr.T.

You’ll not only find out how Emotionally Sensitive you are, but you’ll also uncover how:
  • How your Emotional Sensitivity Status is affecting your success, health, relationships, and sense of self
  • Why your Emotional Sensitivity Status is positively or negatively shaping your life
  • And how to turn your Emotional Sensitivity (no matter how sensitive you are) into your greatest strength
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Stop Reacting. Elevate Your Life.
Your whole life, your Emotional Sensitivity Status has been a gift, waiting for you to harness its full capabilities.

However, if you’re Emotionally Sensitive, it’s often an obstacle to living a full and fulfilling life.

Instead of having emotional strength, you might react in the moment, suppress your feelings or emotionally explode on those you love most; creating personal and professional chaos.

Feeling like an emotional rollercoaster, life can become unbearable, leading to anxiety, depression, serious health issues, self-medication, loss of wealth, broken relationships and self-sabotage.

But you don’t have to be driven by your emotions.

When you understand your Emotional Sensitivity Status and how to wield it effectively, you’ll rise above your emotions, break destructive behaviors and live your best life.

It’s the key to becoming the strongest emotional version of yourself and being unstoppable.

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she can fix anything

"Dr. T lead me out of one of the darkest chapters of my life. I now have a life that I’m finally proud of and a future that I truly look forward to. I had a complete reset of my self and my life, and there are no adequate words to express what she’s done for me. If you’ve been to hell and back like me and you think things can never get better, trust her when she says she can tackle it. 
If she could fix me, trust me she can fix anything. "

- Amy, Estate Manager

I’m free, I’m high functioning, and I’m focused.

"I would like to share my success in case it helps someone. When you’re a guy from a high profile family with an eating disorder and substance addiction, the word “shame” doesn’t begin to cover it. I never imagined that I could trust someone so deeply, but Dr.T was that person. After years of binging, hangovers, and loneliness, I’m living life now, instead of eating cake every night watching Netflix. Being in control of myself has allowed me to put my energy into what I really want, and now I’m free, I’m high functioning, and I’m focused. "

- S.H.

human pain-killer

"Dr. Tracy is a human pain-killer. She helped me stop taking pain-killers and learn to become my own."

-Sarah, CEO

I feel unstoppable!

"I was very clear about what I wanted my life to be, I just had no idea how to make it happen when I always seemed to self-sabotage. By reprogramming all of my emotional sensitivities into strengths, there’s nothing that stops me from meeting my goals anymore. Thank you, Dr. T, for making me feel unstoppable! 

- M.B., Real estate broker and entrepreneur
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