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Join Emotional Scientist, Dr. T, and millions of people as they come together to create an International Emotional Strength Effect that dramatically elevates the world. 

Sharing her groundbreaking framework, Dr. T will show you how to shift painful emotional reactions into powerful intentions so you create the life you really want— 
and uplift the planet as one. 
 Emotional Strength Training from Dr. Tracy Thomas, who’s spent the last 20 years pioneering the study of Emotional Science
 A companion download to help you rapidly shift reactions into powerful intentions so you elevate the world AND create your desired outcomes
 Access to the international community of Emotionally Elevated People who are using Emotional Science to live the exact life they want  

Stop The Rollercoaster That Triggers Emotional Chaos

Reactivity is at an all-time HIGH, with an unprecedented amount of pain in our atmosphere. 

Harness your emotional reactions into a creative process that not only gives you the exact outcomes you want, but also heals, encourages and strengthens people into emotional masters.

Unleash The Full Power Of The Emotional Strength Effect

Reactivity is the single-most infectious disease on the planet, spreading more damage, dysfunction and destruction than anything else worldwide. 

Instead of amplifying fear, anger and anxiety, you’ll shift your reactions into empowering intentions, using their energy and power to elevate your life (and the world around you).

Create An Elevated life and uplift the World Together

When we react, we trigger an infinite chain of chaotic reactions that can only be interrupted by the momentum of intentions.

Wielding our intentions together, we’ll create a global Butterfly Effect that positively impacts our own lives and dramatically uplifts the world. 
Meet The World’s First Emotional Scientist, Dr. T:
Dr. Tracy Thomas, “Dr. T,” is the world’s first Emotional Scientist, an award-winning Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Interventionist who’s helped countless highly-driven people harness their emotional strength and live an Elevated Life©. 

She’s spent the last 20+ years pioneering the work of Emotional Sensitivity, studying its self-sabotaging cycle of reactivity and self-medication. Focused on a solution, she developed The Method©, a groundbreaking approach that transforms Emotional Sensitivity into the strength it really is— allowing Emotionally Sensitive© People to expand their influence, creativity, productivity and power.

A media expert, Dr. T has been published in hundreds of platforms like SHAPE, Women’s Health Magazine, Men’s Health Magazine, SELF, and Redbook, and appeared in media outlets such as CBS, EmpowerHER, MindBodyGreen, Livestrong, Huffington Post, Web MD, and more. She’s also been a featured TED Talk guest, sharing her work and powerful personal journey with Emotional Sensitivity.

Throughout her career, Dr. T has impacted millions with her programs and books. Creating the Virtual Addiction Intervention Program©, Marriage Transformation Program© and The Dr. T Solution©, her work has transformed numerous lives around the world. 

She’s also created the world’s first Emotional Strength Training Program©, using her proprietary Causation Testing Matrix diagnostic system. It’s the only proven methodology to rapidly shift reactions into powerful intentions so you live your best, Elevated Life©.

Dr. T is the best-selling author of, The Total Life Reset Manual; and her latest book, The Method, A Practical Path To Living Your Life’s Purpose And Potential, is the culmination of her work on Emotional Sensitivity, revealing its connection to health, wealth, happiness and high-achievement.

When not speaking, Dr. T is sought-after by Fortune 500 CEOs, celebrities, professional athletes and leaders worldwide, helping high-level Emotionally Sensitive© People soar beyond reactivity into an Elevated Life© with intentional impact.
Here’s Why Emotional Science Works:
 “I’m free, I’m high-functioning, and I’m focused”
“I would like to share my success in case it helps someone. When you’re a guy from a high-profile family with an eating disorder and a substance addiction, the word, ‘shame’ doesn’t begin to cover it. I never imagined that I could trust someone so deeply, but Dr.T was that person. 

After years of binging, hangovers, and loneliness, I’m living life now, instead of eating cake every night watching Netflix. Being in control of myself has allowed me to put my energy into what I really want.”

- S.H.
“Dr. T helped me recover from addiction, recover my career and recover the potential I would’ve never fulfilled.” 
"Dr. Tracy is a truly gifted practitioner …
Her leadership is off-the-charts insightful, practical, and ultimately magical. At the worst time of my life when all hope was lost, she helped me recover from addiction, recover my career, and recover the potential I would've never fulfilled. I feel lucky that I was able to have Dr. Tracy as my therapist, recovery coach, and my lifesaver.”

- Julian, Professional Athlete
“If Dr. T can fix me, trust me, she can fix anything!”
"Dr. T lead me out of one of the darkest chapters of my life. I now have a life that I’m finally proud of and a future that I truly look forward to. I experienced a complete reset-- in myself and my life. There aren’t adequate words to express what she’s done for me. If you’ve been to hell and back like me, and you think things won’t ever get better, trust her when she says she can tackle it. "

- Amy, Estate Manager
“Dr. T helped my daughter fully recover from a 15-year addiction ‘spin cycle’ into a stable, healthy and prosperous life.”
“Dr. T is not only incredibly thoughtful, she is supportively direct while being such a sweetheart. As a Mom, there are not enough words to express the appreciation I have for Dr. T who literally saved my daughter, Julia’s life, and in the process, saved mine.

She has helped my daughter fully recover from a 15-year addiction “spin cycle” and into a stable, healthy and prosperous life that no one thought possible given how far gone she was. Her life is better than any of us could have ever imagined and I know that my daughter will never go back to the black hole she was in, and I will never go back to a life of insanity, waiting for the next relapse (or worse) to be reported to me. People had told me to give up praying for a miracle, but I didn’t have to because Dr. T knows how to get results, no matter how bad things might seem. 

I am astonished at all that Dr. T’s team has done for my daughter, and I will be eternally grateful to them for giving me my daughter and my own life back from addiction. I wish all of Team Dr. T continued success with their purpose-driven business, as they certainly have the right formula to help so many needy people out there.”

- Darlene, Mother of Julia
“ I used to think that pain, fear and frustration was a normal part of living…”
“Working with Dr. Tracy is an experience for people who are serious about changing their lives. She’ll help you recover from whatever is holding you back, keeping your from being your best self. The experience is full of love, non-judgement with the critical accountability that is critical to change. 

The full recovery results Dr. T provided has impacted my life on a fundamental level and in every way imaginable. Her recovery process has not only changed my entire perspective on my world, but it’s completely evolved how I engage in daily life. 

I would highly recommend working with Dr. T if you are looking for any type of change in your life, especially if you’ve struggled with addiction, depression, anxiety and the process of recovery. Dr. T is someone who can provide you the tools, guidance, and accountability necessary for the transformation that you think you want, in addition to, the change that she knows will actually help you the most. Working with her has provided me with a life of freedom and fun, and I know all that she has done for me will continue to show up in ways that I cannot predict in the future.”

- Selena, Account Manager
“Anyone who wants to create 
a better life for themselves needs Dr. T”
"The process with Dr. T is truly a gift to oneself. It felt innovative and fun, and nothing like the traditional therapy I was accustomed to in the past. The Method positively impacted me and I looked forward to every session. Dr. T’s process is very special! She made me realize that I'm capable of taking better care of myself and that I'm worth it. 

Self-care and self-love are not just trendy words-- they’re what other people do for themselves. Dr. Tracy helped me understand that, and make self-care a priority. Now, it’s something to get excited about! Knowing Dr. T is out there somehow gives me comfort and strength. She is dynamic, intuitive, incredibly smart and basically gets it! I wholeheartedly recommend her for anyone who wants to create a better life for themselves. She isn't afraid to share her own challenges and she makes the process feel so genuine and safe, and a lot of fun to boot!"

- Rita, Litigation Lawyer
“Everything you need to become 
the best version of yourself is available here” 
The old way of trying to be healthy isn’t really working for a lot of people. What Dr. T does is a whole new way of doing things that really works. She really knows what she’s doing, so you can trust that you’re going to get what you want out of her program.”

Larissa, RN
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